Traffic Accessories

Amgard - Humps

Rubber Humps

Rubber speed humps are well suited to high traffic situations with occasional heavy truck traffic and at a shopping center carparks. It is also best used for low volume car traffic areas such as residential unit developments, etc.

Corner Guards

Standard Corner Guard is an economic solution to protect column and wall corners from impact in your parking or open air structure and helps prevent damage to vehicles in your facilities.
Amgard - Corner Guards
Amgard - Wall Crash Rails

Wall Crash Rails

As the name implies, crash rails are thick protectors that extend horizontally along a wall to prevent carts, light machinery and personnel from causing damage during daily operations and maintenance.

Flexible Bollard

Flexible bollards are designed to fold down under pressure, so neither the vehicle or the bollard suffers damage. This is perfect for high-traffic areas with a low speed limit, however, not very advisable as pedestrians protection from fast moving out-of-control vehicles.
Amgard - Flexible Bollards