The One Multinational School Factory Visit in Ameeri Industries

The One Multinational School Factory Tour in Ameeri Industries

Ameeri Industries – AMETECH hosted an industrial visit for “The One Multinational School” to their manufacturing facility on 28th September 2023. The visit was attended by a group of Physics and Business students accompanied by their subject teachers.

During the visit, the students were given a guided tour of the manufacturing facility, where they had the opportunity to witness the various stages of the production process of Electrical Switchgears and Cable Management Systems. They were also able to observe the advanced machinery and technology used in the manufacturing process.

The students were guided by the company’s Engineers, who provided them with valuable insights and explanations regarding the various aspects of industrial manufacturing. This also allowed the students to understand the importance of quality control and safety measures in the manufacturing process.

The visit also included interactive sessions, where the students had the chance to ask questions and engage in discussions with the industry experts in the factory. This provided them with a deeper understanding of the technicalities involved in the manufacturing process and enhanced their knowledge in the field.

Aside, during the visit, the students had given the chance to visit the Ameeri Industries’ display hall of the Main Office Building. They were able to see the Ameeri Industries’ AMGARD products such as Street light poles, Road guard rails, Bollards, Fire-rated doors, Fences, etc. and decorative lights of ADESIGN.

Overall, the industrial visit was a fruitful and enriching experience for the students. It provided them with a practical exposure to the world of industrial manufacturing and it helped them bridge the gap between theory and practice and enhanced their understanding of the Physics and Business concepts they had learned in the classroom.

Ameeri Industries – AMETECH is proud to have hosted the visit and looks forward to further collaborations with educational institutions in the future. We believe in the importance of promoting industrial exposure and knowledge sharing to nurture the next generation of skilled professionals in the field of manufacturing.

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